What We Do

What R2C2 can do for you?

R2C2 Studio is a leading design house specializing in pioneering and innovative developments that reflect the modern architectural trends of contemporary times. The company has a diverse portfolio featuring its bold and daring approach that places a strong emphasis on classic elegance and technological integration. Headquartered in Dubai, R2C2 is at the forefront of the industry offering its skilled and competent team of experts in providing comprehensive and custom-tailored solutions that will complement the client’s strategic objectives and transform a space into a memorable landmark.


We, at R2C2 Studio, are always looking to the future and are dedicated to providing wide-ranging solutions that will address the needs of clients and developers. We advocate design elegance and technology integration in order to push the boundaries of design and architecture. We strive to go beyond the standards for our clients and to become pioneers of modern architectural movements through classic and streamlined designs.


R2C2 Studio aims to redefine the concept of modern architecture through bold and daring projects that will usher in a new era in the field. We believe that function does not have to come at the expense of style, and are committed to employing our knowledge and expertise in creating aesthetically pleasing and striking architectural sites.


R2C2 is committed to creativity and cultivating spaces that will deliver a unique and distinct experience. We cater to clients who are looking to push the boundaries and are eager to embrace modern technological trends to develop a space that will define the future through edgy and cool designs.

We specialize in a wide range of developments from large-scale projects to private villas for GCC Nationals, global investors and expats. We aim to help retail shops and F&B names develop a space that will reflect their particular brand’s ethos.


We have a diverse portfolio that features projects and developments across various sectors. We specialize in commercial, residential and mixed-use developments and we work best with clients that share our passion to cultivate modernity, elegance and technology to develop forward-thinking creations across the GCC region.

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